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We offer any style of bulk bag for the safe, economical handling, storage, transportation and discharge of powder, flaked or granular materials. The bulk bags are able to hold up to 2000kgs and can be made for single trip (SF 5:1) use or multi-trip (SF 6:1) use.

roll cutting

Bulk bags can be manufactured from a flat woven or circular woven polypropylene fabric, uncoated or coated depending on the application and product being put into the bag. The bulk bags can be made with baffles, special closures (i.e. fixlocks, ‘B’ locks, choke chutes etc) and with sift proof seams.


Our bulk bags are used within a number of industries such as food, chemical, building trade, pharmaceutical, refractories to name but a few. The bags can be supplied with liners loosely fitted into the bag or tabbed to hold the bag inside when the product is being discharged.


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